September 2022 – 30 Day M.U.S.T Rise Challenge


Our 30-day Challenge is called the M.U.S.T Rise Challenge. It’s designed to help build lasting, healthy habits with meal plans, exercise, and support!

Kyla, our founder, aims to help as many families as possible lead healthier, longer, and more enjoyable lives—just like she has with her own. With that, she will provide you with a meal plan, a workout plan, and a support group that she has used herself, all with the hopes that you’ll feel safe and encouraged throughout the entirety of this M.U.S.T Rise Challenge.

Because you shouldn’t ever feel alone while working toward a healthier life.


You will receive a customized meal plan that maps out what to eat and how to prepare it, for every single meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks) that you’ll have during the program. Stop worrying about what you’re going to eat next.


Improve your physical and mental health with our easy-to-follow workouts that you can approach at a pace that’s comfortable. You should never feel intimidated to work out.


Gain access to a community that is focused on supporting you! We have a private Facebook Group that is designed to help you every single day. No one should ever feel like they’re in this alone.